What if my goods arrive damaged?

We will offer a replacement for the damaged goods as soon as possible! Please email info@festigotravel.com.au with photos of the damaged goods and we'll do our best to replace them for you within reasonable time. If we cannot provide you a replacement due to no stock, we will offer a refund for the selected items which were damaged.

Why do the shipping prices vary?

A Flat Rate for Shipping Price has been calculated across volume of order sizes, as these fluctuate based on items ordered and the size of the satchel required to send your order.

Can we order for multiple people and send it to one address?

You can, however, we recommend placing orders for your immediate self or a friend to ensure products are delivered directly to you and to keep your postage at a reasonable amount. More items increase space and therefore drive the postage amount up. It is recommended to order for no more than 10 people per order, as this expedites the picking and packing process. 

Can I pick-up my order, rather than have it shipped?

Yes, For people living in Sydney you can pick up your order from the Festigo Travel Office in Bankstown NSW. Please give us 24 hours notice before coming in to collect your order so that we can make sure we have everything in stock.

Why can I not have my order sent to a Parcel Locker or PO Box?

Our internal shipping platform that processes all orders can only operate from physical mailing addresses. We recommend only sending to a home residential address, as in the past, parcels going to business addresses with multiple floors can and will go missing. We and Australia Post accept no liability for these. Arrange to have it sent to your home address. It is the safest method. 

What if my order doesn't arrive before I leave for Europe?

All orders will arrive by Mid-June and tracking information will be available once the products have been fulfilled and sent out for delivery. You will receive email updates once the orders are physically processed through Australia Post. Should your order arrive after your departure date, please arrange for someone else to take your order with you to Europe. 

I live outside of Australia, can my order be shipped Internationally?

Yes, However we are limiting international orders to New Zealand ONLY. 

Why is my phone number important on my order?

Phone numbers are used by Australia Post to notify you of your tracking details. Once your package has been registered with Australia Post, you will be able to track and receive updates on your order status. 

What if my question has not been answered here?

Please email info@festigotravel.com.au and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!